Frogs, Birds and Bees: Unraveling Sex


Hebrews 13:4

A woman came into the men’s restroom while I was in it. Recently, I met a friend for lunch at Panera. After enjoying a delectable Fuji apple chicken salad, I hit the head, and then it happened. At first I thought she was a woman but then I thought maybe just an ugly guy after a double take in the mirror. When the woman left, an older man in the bathroom said to me, “Crazy times we’re livin’ in,” confirming my suspicion. I felt violated. Additionally, my alma mater Stony Brook University became the first State University of New York to offer transgender restrooms and changing rooms. The times they are a-changin’ indeed. Continue reading


Omar, Omar, My Heart Weeps.

Jesus Paid

Omar Mateen murdered ruthlessly about 50 people on Sunday morning June 12, 2016. He targeted the LGBTQ community at the gay club Pulse in Orlando, Florida. This massacre is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, killing about twice as many people as Columbine and San Bernardino combined. The Orlando shooting has been called the worst terror attack since September 11. President Obama deemed it an instance of “homegrown terrorism,” saying “[the shooting] is being treated as a terrorist investigation.” The primary motivation for Mateen’s actions is disputed: some say ISIS propaganda inspired him; others claim his frustration with his own sexuality pushed him over the edge; racism has also been postulated as a factor. Continue reading

Purposeful Unity


Frodo is a champ, but there is not the slightest chance he can destroy the Ring by himself. Aragorn saves him from the Nazgûl; Gandalf rescues him from the Balrog; and Sam Gamgee carries him up Mount Doom. Frodo needs as much help as he can get. That is why The Fellowship of the Ring was created. The Loner and the Ring probably would have ended in Frodo’s death right after he leaves the Shire – pretty lame. But he succeeds because every member of the fellowship brings to the table unique attributes. Legolas snipes with deadly accuracy; Gimli’s brute strength wards off countless orcs; and Gandalf orchestrates much of the adventure in his wisdom. Continue reading