Perspective Eternal

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During my last semester at Stony Brook University, I took a senior seminar on feminism. The course revolved around Iris Marion Young, an influential contemporary feminist. The class covered issues in gender theory, political inclusivity, economic inequality, etc. The majority of the students in the class were extremely liberal in ideology, which was challenging for me because I lean toward conservatism. The sessions lasted three long hours, typically filled with circular back and forth debates among the students and the professor. I learned a lot, and my patience grew, but I would never want to do it again and I had to keep myself from nodding off more than once. The course materials were voluminous and densely filled with academic jargon – more potent than Nyquil. No, I did not take this class to meet the ladies. Surprisingly enough there were actually more men than women in the class. I needed to take it to graduate. Continue reading